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Frequently Asked Questions

What is family therapy for addiction treatment?

As stated earlier, addiction is a family disease. Family therapy allows for all members of the family unit to be present and active in counseling and intervention. Family therapy may include one-on-one counseling to provide individual insights with the therapist in preparation of all the family members coming together in family therapy.

How do I find an addiction therapist?

In your search for a therapist, you can contact BetterHelp with no obligation to ask what type of therapy tends to be best for whatever you are experiencing. Certain addiction therapists specialize in different kinds of addictions.

Is addiction a family disease?

Addiction is a family disease. Providing family support via therapy can be an integral part of recovery for both the person with an addiction and the family as a unit. Family therapy is beneficial to help resolve family issues and maladaptive transgenerational patterns.

Where can I find life-changing addiction treatment?

Take the next step in recovery and find life-changing addiction treatment at one of American Addiction Centers’ (AAC) nationwide locations. or get a text. A caring advisor will walk you through your options.

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