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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Federal Aviation Administration ground Virgin Galactic?

The Federal Aviation Administration grounded Virgin Galactic on Thursday, as the federal regulator investigates the company’s previous spaceflight that carried founder Sir Richard Branson.

What happened to Virgin Galactic's space flight?

The Federal Aviation Administration confirmed in a statement that the July 11 spaceflight “deviated from its Air Traffic Control clearance as it returned to Spaceport America,” Virgin Galactic’s taxpayer-funded homeport in New Mexico. “The FAA investigation is ongoing,” the agency said.

Did Virgin Galactic's return to Earth go above FAA clearance zone?

The FAA is investigating whether the Virgin Galactic ship flew outside of its allowed clearance zone on its return to Earth. “At no time did the ship travel above any population centers or cause a hazard to the public. FAA representatives were present in our control room during the flight and in post-flight debriefs.

Is Virgin Galactic's Galactic dangerous?

The off-course descent isn’t Virgin Galactic’s first brush with danger. In 2014, the company suffered a mid-flight disaster during a test flight that killed one pilot and severely injured another. After that, Branson vowed to fly aboard the ship himself before flying paying customers, as a show of confidence in the vehicle’s safety.

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