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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the notice criteria tool?

The Notice Criteria Tool lists the minimum conditions when a sponsor must file. The tool allows the sponsor to plug in information directly to determine if they will need to file notice. The best and most efficient method of submitting new proposed construction or alteration notices is to electronically file (e-file).

When does the FAA issue a determination for a crane?

The FAA will not normally issue a determination for a crane that exceeds the notice criteria until notified in writing that the permanent structure either (1) does not require notice, or (2) the permanent structure required notice, has been studied, and a Determination of No Hazard to Air Navigation has been issued.

Do I need to submit 14 CFR Part 77 notice to FAA?

Obtaining approval from the airport or air traffic control tower manager does not waive your requirement to submit the notice to the FAA if the structure meets the notice criteria of 14 CFR Part 77.

What are the requirements for filing with the FAA for proposed structures?

The requirements for filing with the Federal Aviation Administration for proposed structures vary based on a number of factors: height, proximity to an airport, location, and frequencies emitted from the structure, etc. For more details, please reference CFR Title 14 Part 77.9.

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