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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NOTAMs stand for?

NOTAM or NoTAM is the quasi-acronym for "Notices To Airmen". NOTAMs are created and transmitted by government agencies and airport operators under guidelines specified by Annex 15: Aeronautical Information Services of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (CICA).

What does the name NOTAMs mean?

What are NOTAMs? NOTAM stands for "Notice to Airmen" and are informational advisories that have been an established system since the 1940s. NOTAMs are filed with the FAA, who are then responsible for releasing it to the general public.

What is the classification of NOTAMs?

Types of NOTAMs Include Class I NOTAMs Class II NOTAMs International NOTAMs Domestic NOTAMs Civil NOTAMs Military NOTAMs Published NOTAMs FDC NOTAMs Center Area NOTAMs NOTAM (D)S Including (U) and (O) NOTAMs

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