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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ExpressVPN have a proxy server?

ExpressVPN does not offer a SOCKS5 proxy feature on its applications or servers. Even though both of them can conceal your actual location by masking your real IP address, you will only receive an additional layer of security and privacy with ExpressVPN.

Is Express VPN worth it?

Yes, the Purchase of ExpressVPN is worth it for all the users of every generation. Nowadays people are familiar with social media so they need privacy in their personal life. It can help them to keep safe and secure their information from hackers.

Is ExpressVPN a zero log VPN?

The great news is that ExpressVPN has adopted a strict zero-logging policy according to the modern meaning of the word. What does this imply? First of all, there are no traffic records of your online activity, so no one can know which sites you accessed and what data you downloaded or uploaded.

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