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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of fitness equipment?

Exercise & Fitness Equipment 1 Build Your Own Home Gym 2 Cardio Machines & Equipment 3 Weight Training 4 Home Gyms 5 Conditioning & Training 6 Inversion Therapy 7 Fitness Accessories 8 Fitness Electronics 9 Health & Wellness 10 Yoga & Studio 11 Boxing & MMA 12 Fitness Deals 13 Exercise & Fitness Advice From Our Experts More ...

Where can I buy used exercise equipment?

If you’re looking for superior used exercise equipment at a sensible price, look no further than Global Fitness. "We ordered our treadmill online from Global Fitness, the next day I received an email confirming our order with full contact information. I called instead of replying to the email because I had a question.

What are the benefits of home exercise equipment?

Bring your fitness goals within reach with home exercise equipment. Having your favorite fitness machine easily accessible makes it more likely that you'll reach your goals because it removes the inconvenience of traveling to and from the gym. You can exercise whenever you've got a bit of time and motivation if the equipment is readily available.

What is the best exercise equipment for Pilates?

Consider exercise equipment with different functions such as a combination workout tower or an elliptical/stationary bike combo. No weights are required with pilates machines that rely entirely on your body weight. For help finding the right workout equipment for you, see our guide — Choose the Best Elliptical, Treadmill and Fitness Equipment.

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