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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get eviction notice in Illinois?

How do I start an eviction notice in Illinois? The landlord must give the tenant notice and go through the court process to get an Eviction Order. Then they must get the Sheriff to remove the tenant from the unit. The landlord cannot change the locks or remove the tenant’s property until the Sheriff enforces the Eviction Order.

What is the eviction process in Illinois?

Illinois EvictionSelf-Eviction. Self-eviction is illegal. ...Notice Requirements. Any residential eviction in the Illinois eviction process begins with service of a written notice to the tenant.Service of the Notice. ...Summons and Complaint for Forcible Entry and Detainer. ...Trial. ...Defenses to Illinois Eviction. ...Judgment. ...

What is a notice of eviction?

An eviction notice, or an eviction letter, is a legal document that landlords use to evict tenants for not complying with the original terms of the lease or rental agreement. The tenant and landlord may need to go to court to continue the eviction process. An eviction notice begins the eviction process, which varies widely state-by-state.

What are the rules for eviction in Illinois?

The Eviction Process in Illinois: Rules for Landlords and Property ManagersNotice for Termination With Cause. A landlord must have a legal reason, or cause, to make a tenant move out of a rental unit before the tenancy term has ended.Notice for Termination Without Cause. ...Tenant Eviction Defenses. ...Removal of the Tenant. ...Rationale for the Rules. ...

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