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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an evening gown?

An evening gown is a type of evening dress, typically worn to a formal evening event. They are often long and glamorous, with beautiful embellishments such as lace, applique, or embroidery.

What is a sheath evening dress?

A sheath dress is a formal or semi-formal evening gown that fits tight around the bust, waist, and hips with little to no flare. Its sleek design and flattering silhouette can transform any event. 3 Sheath Evening dresses that will make you feel like a queen!

How to choose the best evening dresses for a formal event?

Evening dresses are full-length designs with a luxurious and timeless look. You still have a wide range of choices including many colors and cuts. Top shades for formal events include black, white, burgundy, navy and red. You can pick an embellished, sequin or beaded gown with silver or gold details to add sparkle.

What is a formal gown?

A formal gown is a type of evening dress that fits a black or white tie dress code. This means it has the correct style to suit these important events. A formal gown is always full length but can feature any kind of neckline or sleeve length you prefer. It should be styled with the correct kind of formal accessories and jewelry.

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