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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I read Eurogamer in Spain?

The folks at Eurogamer Network, yes us, have announced the launch of Eurogamer España. You can pay it a visit right now over at . Once again we've teamed up with some local experts for the launch - in this case, tip-top Spanish blog

What is euroeurogamer España?

Eurogamer España is the third website we've launched this year. We've also got sites in Germany, France, Benelux and Portugal, and our office parties are like meetings of the United Nations. If only six nations were invited. More than 2.6 million people visited our websites last month, so thanks for that.

What is Eurogamer's YouTube channel?

You've found Eurogamer's YouTube channel. Come on in, make yourself at home, and prepare for games, good times and plenty of chaos. Eurogamer has been peddling bad puns about games since 1999, and this is where we make our videos.

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