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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eurogamer's YouTube channel?

You've found Eurogamer's YouTube channel. Come on in, make yourself at home, and prepare for games, good times and plenty of chaos. Eurogamer has been peddling bad puns about games since 1999, and this is where we make our videos.

What is the history of Eurogamer?

Eurogamer (initially stylised as EuroGamer) was launched on 4 September 1999. The founding team included John "Gestalt" Bye, the webmaster for the PlanetQuake website and a writer for British magazine PC Gaming World; Patrick "Ghandi" Stokes, a contributor for the website Warzone; and Rupert "rauper" Loman,...

What's in Eurogamer's Official store?

And other lovely Eurogamer merch in our official store! Our list of the best arcade, sim, motorsport and open-world racers. From Astral Chain to Zelda. From next-gen exclusives to upgrades and cross-gen games. From next-gen exclusives to upgrades and cross-gen games. A mix of top games and hidden gems.

Who is the editor of euroeurogamer?

Eurogamer is a British video game journalism website owned by Gamer Network, both formed alongside each other in 1999. Its editor is Oli Welsh.

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