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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Euroeuro games?

Euro Games are free soccer games featuring the best European football teams and players. Play online and create a squad with your friends. Become a professional athlete and participate in the 2020 European Championship.

Are all EuroGames the same?

Though not all eurogames are European and not all of them are board games, they share a set of similar characteristics. A game need not fit ALL the criteria to be considered a Eurogame.

What are the main features of Eurogames?

Most Eurogames share the following elements: Player conflict is indirect and usually involves competition over resources or points. Combat is extremely rare. Players are never eliminated from the game (All players are still playing when the game ends.)

What is the history of Eurogames?

Contemporary Eurogames, such as Acquire, appeared in the 1960s. The 3M series of which Acquire formed a part became popular in Germany, and became a template for a new form of game, one in which direct conflict or warfare did not play a role, due in part to aversion in postwar Germany to products which glorified conflict.

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