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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mod to add a bull bar to Scania?

Hello everyone, here is a new mod, I have created a bull bar for this magnificent Scania by RJL, plus I have added the direction indicator in the back of the bull bar, and other slots in the steps, obviously for the functioning of the mod you need the mod of RJL that I leave you below. Version 1.39. Sorry for the bad English.

Is there a mod for Scania RJL?

In real life, It was sold in the previous time to another owner which modifies the truck a bit. In this mod are only skins so interior, lights, bullbars are not included. There is still work on the mod and i will update it so please, be patient. This mod was made for Scania RJL and I edged it for a Scania NG.

Does Euro Truck Simulator 2 need RJL mod?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Bull Bar + Slot Scania RJL Upgrade mod download. obviously for the functioning of the mod the Rjl mod is required.

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