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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find estate sales?

To identify additional estate sales agents in your area, type the term "estate sales" and the name of your city into a search engine. Then, visit the website of any estate company that you turn up. They'll typically have listings for all of their upcoming sales, and in most cases, a spot to sign up for e-mail notifications.

What does an estate sale company do?

An estate sale is where a company comes into your home and evaluates the estate you are interested in selling. After you hire the company they will sort, clean, organize, research, price, market/advertise, and sell your collection and furnishings from your home.

What should an estate sale company provide?

A few added services an estate sale company may provide Online sales of your valuable items to a global audience and specific collectors beyond your on-site sale. Consignment services for estate sale items that may not sell during an estate sale, this saves you from separately hiring a consignment shop for some of your items. Online marketing presence. ... More items...

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