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Frequently Asked Questions

How many MLB games will be on ESPN in 2021?

ESPN today announced it will nationally televise 11 Major League Baseball 2021 season-opening games in its first week starting with Opening Day on Thursday, April 1. That day ESPN will televise a quadrupleheader with approximately 13 consecutive hours of Opening Day game action.

What days do MLB teams play on Opening Day 2021?

MLB Opening Day schedule 2021 1 Thursday, April 1. All 30 teams are scheduled to play on Opening Day this year, weather permitting. 2 Friday, April 2. The following are the nationally televised games scheduled for Friday, April 2. 3 Saturday, April 3 4 Sunday, April 4. ...

When does the 2022 Major League Baseball season start?

NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball will open the 2022 season on March 31 -- as long as there isn't a work stoppage -- and will try for the fourth time to have every team play its first game on the same day for the first time since 1968. The league released the full schedule on Wednesday.

What time does Opening Day start on ESPN?

Opening Day continues at 4 p.m. on ESPN as the World Series Champion Los Angeles Dodgers visit the Colorado Rockies. After the Mets at Nationals matchup at 7 p.m., the Houston Astros will visit the Oakland Athletics in the 10 p.m. Opening Day nightcap.

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