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Frequently Asked Questions

Is escape the ayuwoki multiplayer?

Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night. Horror Night is an Online Multiplayer Coop Third/First person asymmetric horror adventure game. You have to escape the monster, in a procedurally generated scenario by solving puzzles and finding items, alongside your teammates. Characters can be customized through cosmetics and skins!

What is the synonym for escape?

Synonyms for Escape: n. • freedom, hegira, rescue, bolt, desertion, jailbreak, disappearance, deliverance, decampment, departure, liberation, abdication, withdrawal, release, slip. v. •avoid (verb) circumvent, avoid, shun, shirk, evade, bypass, dodge, skip, recoil, decline, shrink, abstain, duck, sidestep, elude, avert.

What is escape fitness?

Escape Fitness has a real passion for fitness and functional equipment, designing equipment that works as hard as you do. The passion we have has ensured we remain at the forefront of the industry, thinking outside the box thanks to our commitment to innovation and quality.

What is Escape Inc?

Escape Inc is a well-designed point and click adventure game that you can play here directly in your browser, free of charge.

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