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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chris Stapleton's new songs?

Chris Stapleton song list, including his new songs "Devil Always Made Me Think Twice", "When I'm With You" and "Joy Of My Life". Discover his latest 2021 country music album.

Who wrote Chris Stapleton's 'a simple song'?

Written with Darrell Hayes, Stapleton's father-in-law, "A Simple Song" is a reassuring pat on the back. The fingerprints of Chris Stapleton's wife Morgane are all over the affectionate number. As they frequently do, her harmony vocals add a layer of depth to the simple song.

Why do people like Chris Stapleton so much?

While Stapleton certainly checks off most boxes as an artist -- amazing and powerful vocals, pure raw emotion, heartfelt lyrics and an earnest ear for melody. Perhaps his single greatest gift is his ability to time and again deliver songs that feel comfortable and familiar.

When does Chris Stapleton's 'starting over' come out?

Starting Over, the highly anticipated new studio album from Chris Stapleton, is out November 13 on Mercury Records Nashville. Across its fourteen tracks are songs that examine life’s simplest joys and most serious struggles.

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