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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the equals?

The Equals are a British pop, R&B and rock group formed in North London, England in 1965. They are best remembered for their million-selling chart-topper, "Baby, Come Back", though they had several other chart hits in the UK and Europe.

Are the equals still active today?

Today, The Equals continue to tour in UK, Europe and to Worldwide audiences. Pat Lloyd is the only remaining and longest-serving original founder member of The Equals since its formation in 1965. The Equals' music has continued to be influential.

Is equals a good movie?

This is a heartfelt film, often brilliantly directed, but quite thin in terms of vision. If attractive people artfully photographed make you happy, Equals may work for you, but if you want a fully-thought-out speculative fiction premise, or even just a movie with momentum, this isn't up to delivering it.

Who owns the rights to the equals?

In 1982, Pat Lloyd reformed The Equals and became trademark and copyright owner with Eddy Grant. The band in 1982 consisted of Pat Lloyd, Derv and Lincoln Gordon and Ronnie Telemacque and Rob Hendry.

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