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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is gender inequality often starts at home?

Gender Inequality at Home Frankly speaking gender Inequality at home is the place where this problem starts. Home is the place where our children learn these stereotypes and they behave accordingly that's why these discriminations are still prevalent in our society. We have assigned specific roles based on gender which is no rationale.

Is total equality possible?

Equality is impossible in terms of the individual because genetically we are different, i.e. not the same = not equal in the absolute sense. In terms of society, there has never existed one of complete equality. Some people govern or enforce rules and this means they have different roles and authority.

Why is equality important?

The Importance of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace Protecting Everyone from Discrimination. One of the most important things to think about is how you're protecting everyone from the danger of discrimination. Knowledge of How to Fight Inequality. Knowing how to fight inequality is so important too. ... Understanding Diversity. A diverse workplace is a healthy one. ... Closing Thoughts. ...

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