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Frequently Asked Questions

How to read EPUB on MacBook?

To open and read EPUB eBooks on Mac, you need to install an EPUB reader for Mac. It lets you smoothly open an EPUB eBook and read it on your Mac. Here are two widely used EPUB Readers for Mac you may have used or be fond of. Open and View ePub Books on Mac Method 1: Use Adobe Digital Editions for Mac

Does Kindle use .Mobi or .EPUB?

MOBI to EPUB Converter makes it possible that you can read Kindle books on more ereader or transfer Kindle MOBI books to other devices. MOBI format is specialized for Kindle device. Because Kindle is not an open source format, currently the ereader supports MOBI is not so many.

Can you read EPUB on iBooks?

IBooks are primarily released in EPub format, while Kindle e-books are published in Mobi format. To read an EPub file on your Kindle, you need either a software program or an online document converter. IPads and iPhones can read the EPub e-book format but the Kindle does not.

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