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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Epson EcoTank et-2720?

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 is the entry-level model in its EcoTank range of printers, which offer an alternative to traditional ink cartridges. Instead, they use a refillable ink tank that offers vastly superior ink efficiency and capacity, which means you can end up saving up to 90% on your running costs when compared to a traditional printer.

Is the Epson et-2720 good value?

Trusted Score The Epson ET-2720 is great value for money; it pulls off the hat-trick of low running costs, high print quality, and a relatively low RRP. The Epson ET-2720 all-in-one is aimed at families who want to run off copies of holiday snaps, and students who need to print images as well as essays.

What is the difference between Epson EcoTank et-2720 and canon Pixma g1220?

The Epson EcoTank ET-2720 and the Canon PIXMA G1220 are both inkjet printers with supertank system, but the Epson also has a flatbed scanner whereas the Canon is a printer-only unit. The Epson has more wireless connectivity options, including a mobile app that you can use with your phone.

Where is the ink tank on the Epson 104 et-2720?

The ink tank sits to the right of the control panel, and features four separate chambers for black, yellow, magenta, and cyan ink. Filling these up is easy as pie, as the Epson 104 bottles the ET-2720 takes feature nozzles designed to fit the ink tank perfectly – just unscrew the lid, drop the bottle in place, and wait for the ink to fully decant.

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