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Frequently Asked Questions

How does e paper work?

The way e ink works means that it differs from other displays in two key points: an electronic paper screen reflects light from the environment and only consumes power when the content on it is changing. This is possible because electronic paper technology is bistable.

What is e paper technology?

Details about E-paper Technology. E-paper (infrequently called radio paper or ordinarily electronic papery) is a versatile, reusable capacity and show medium that resembles paper yet can be over and again composed on (invigorated) – by electronic means – thousands or a great many circumstances.

What is an e paper display?

E-paper displays are rad. Also known as ‘eink’ displays, they can maintain an image even after power has been removed. They also have very high contrast and low power consumption. This particular display is a 10x2 character display, allowing you to display up to 20 characters.

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