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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Romantic age of English literature?

THE ROMANTIC AGE 1800 – 1837. As a period in English literature, Romanticism can be said to extend from about 1798, which marks the publication of Wordsworth’s and Coleridge’s Lyrical Ballads, to the mid-1830’s, when Queen Victoria began her reign and most of the major Romantic poets, with the exception of Wordsworth, had died.

What is an example of Romantic literature?

Examples of romantic heroes from modern literature are Ponyboy from "The Outsiders" and the lead character in the "Harry Potter" book series. Typically, romantic heroes are unconventional. Often, they have been cast aside by traditional society. These heroes are frequently involved in physical, spiritual or emotional quests.

What are the elements of Romantic literature?

One important element of romantic literature is love of nature. If you need more options there is the importance of imagination/emotion, the rebellion against society, and the rejection of classic art forms.

What is Romantic movement in English literature?

Romantic literature in English. The movement of so many people in England was the result of two forces: the Agricultural Revolution, that involved the enclosure of the land, drove workers off the land, and the Industrial Revolution which provided them employment, "in the factories and mills, operated by machines driven by steam-power ".

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