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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best books to read in Hindi?

However, it is high time you add a few amazing pieces of writing to your reading list - and these classics are perfect to start your journey into the world of Hindi literature: 1. Nirmala by Premchand

Why Madhushala is the Best Book of Hindi literature?

Madhushala is easily one of the most popular works of Hindi literature, and rightfully so. Full of beautiful metaphors, this book of 135 quatrains is renowned for its contribution to Neo-romanticism.

Who wrote the famous Hindi poem'Rashmirathi'?

One of the most popular Hindi writers, Dinkar wrote a lot on the famous mythological epic Mahabharata . Rashmirathi, that translates to the rider of sun's chariot, is thus a poem on Karna.

What are some of the best Indian epic poems to read?

Kamayani, an epic poem that describes the creation of the first man on earth, is complex but worth the effort, especially because of the graphic descriptions and the philosophical undertones. 6. Kashi Ka Assi by Kashi Nath Singh

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