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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can you get with an English Literature degree?

Other common careers with an English degree. Other common careers with an English degree include librarianship, archiving, bookselling, information and research, tourism, events management, social work, youth work, probation work, human resources, retail management and sales.

What can you do with an English Literature degree?

A:An English literature degree can help you launch a career in diverse industries. The program will equip you with strong communication skills and written skills that can are demanded in various sectors such as the following: media and journalism, teaching, advertising and marketing.

What are some jobs for English majors?

Job duties can vary from company to company, but a sampling of job titles held by English majors includes editor, writer, research assistant, copywriter, critic, content strategist, publisher and web producer.

What should you do with your English degree?

What You Can Do With an English Degree You might choose to pursue a career directly related to your degree, such as publisher, editor, or writer, or you might decide to pursue careers outside of the field. With the knowledge, skills and competencies you acquire, your career path possibilities are numerous.

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