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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BA in English?

Bachelor of Arts in English. BA English. B.A. English or Bachelor of Arts in English is an undergraduate English language course. It is designed to prepare students to understand and use the English language effectively, build vocabulary and introduce them to current ideas and issues.

What is BA in teaching?

BA and BS Differences. Many education programs operate as BA programs. A BA program, technically, implies that a graduate has mastered a particular "art"—in this case, the "art" of teaching. Philosophically, this view of teaching differs from that implied in a BS program, which views teaching as one of the "sciences.".

What is Bachelor of Arts degree in literature?

The goals of the Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature are to: provide knowledge of the linguistic structure of English and its literary use enable students to understand English within its historical, theoretical and cultural context provide students with insights into the complexity of human thought, emotion and interaction More items...

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