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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best apps for English literature students?

Four of the Best Apps for Literature Students 1. Grammarly – ‘your personal grammar coach’ 2. Project Gutenberg – digitizing the world’s great works 3. Merriam-Webster App – ‘dictionary in your pocket’ 4. Swipespeare – translating Shakespearean language

Is there an app for English Literature GCSE revision?

Introducing Gojimo, the FREE revision app. GCSE English Literature can be one of the best subjects to learn, with wonderful books like Animal Farm, Of Mice and Men or Lord of the Flies to read. However, English Literature isn’t just about reading great books.

What are the best apps to improve my English grammar?

1. Grammarly – ‘your personal grammar coach’. If you’re lacking confidence in your writing or if most of the feedback you’re getting is to do with grammar or writing style, then one of the best apps for you is Grammarly. A literature course rightly expects you to have impeccable writing skills, and this includes grammar.

What are the best apps for authors to publish?

Amazon Kindle is one of the obvious literature apps. Most (if not all) of the biggest authors publish here, but it also has a good variety of independent writers and old classics. The app itself functions as intended most of the time.

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