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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TBC classic engineering?

Expansion: TBC Classic Engineering is one of the more unique professions in WoW. It uses metals bars to create parts, which are then turned into useful inventions like the Field Repair Bot 110G.

What can engineers craft in TBC?

In addition, once Engineers cap, they gain the ability to make a piece of profession-specific, Epic head gear like Hard Khorium Goggles. In TBC, with the addition of flying mounts, Blizzard has given Engineers one of the most coveted abilities: to craft one of their own.

What are recrecipes used in engineering called?

Recipes used in Engineering are also called schematics. All schematics are used by Engineers to learn to craft items; many of which are taught by Engineering trainers. Schematics given as a reward for completing an Engineering quest, found as loot or purchased from a vendor are usually named in the format of [Schematic: Item].

Where can I learn master engineering in TBC?

You can learn the new TBC Master Engineering skill from these trainers: Zebig in Hellfire Peninsula at Thrallmar. Mack Diver in Zangarmarsh at Zabra'jin. Lebowski in Hellfire Peninsula at Honor Hold. K. Lee Smallfry in Zangarmarsh at Telredor. Xyrol in Netherstorm at Area 52.

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