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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do VEX teams need an engineering notebook?

Why Do VEX Teams Need an Engineering Notebook? Why do VEX teams need one? First, it's just a good idea; that's why scientists and inventors throughout the ages have used them.

What is the purpose of an engineering notebook?

For a robotics team, it also serves as a way to transfer information between team members if Person A did something last week, but isn't here today, and Person B is picking it up now. From a trophy shelf-perspective, it's hard to win any trophies for said shelf without an engineering notebook.

How do I submit an Engineering Notebook for the design award?

Or if your team is using the REC-provided notebook, which is 3-hole punched, they can put the engineering notebook in the 3-ring binder and submit it all that way. The Design Award rubric (pages 20-21 of the Judges Guide) is crystal clear about what scores points for this award.

Why does the author's team call the Engineering Notebook as the journal?

This author's team refers to the engineering notebook as “the journal” to emphasize its daily nature. Even if the team did teeny-tiny amounts of stuff, it needs to be in there. Recommended for each day's entry:

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