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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best practices for notebook design?

Best Practices •Quad ruled paper •Bound •All work is in pen •All pages are –Numbered –Dated –Signed by the designer –Signed by a witness –Include a statement of the proprietary nature of notebook Best Practices •Do not leave blank space. If there is extra space, draw an X or a line across it and sign.

What are the contents of an engineering notebook?

•Contents •Engineering Notebook Sections •Best Practices What Is an Engineering Notebook? An engineering notebook is a book in which an engineer will formally document, in chronological order, all of his/her work that is associated with a specific design project. • Clear and detailed description of your design process

Is my Engineering Notebook a legal document?

Remember to treat your Engineering Notebook as a legal document: It records the chronological history of your activities. The following guidelines should help you maintain the consistent and accurate entries needed for future legal purposes.

What should you not do when writing in a notebook?

Never let anyone other than yourself write in your Notebook (excluding witness signatures, discussed later). Never leave blank spaces, and never erase or remove material you have added. Simply draw lines through any blank spaces at the same time you are making your entries. Do not erase errors.

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