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Frequently Asked Questions

What engineering jobs are in high demand?

High-Demand Engineering Jobs. In a struggling economy with stagnant job growth and low job security, high-demand engineering jobs can be difficult to find. Some professions such as aerospace engineers and chemical engineers have minimal expected job growth over the next decade. However, some engineering careers are showing signs of economic promise.

What are some engineering related jobs?

Some common jobs are those in civil engineering, which includes engineers that work in construction, transportation, structural and geotechnical engineers. Another large engineering field is electrical engineering, and it includes professionals who work on circuit design, electronics, mechanics,...

What types of jobs are there in engineering?

There are many different types of engineering jobs available, where experts aid in the invention, research, development, planning, and construction of different products and systems. Engineering jobs are held by specialists in mechanical, electrical, civil, biomedical, and chemical engineering, among many other fields.

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