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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my credit card with enerbank?

Rose, our bank is not set up to take credit card payments as we do not encourage paying debt with debt. However, you can request your credit card company to send EnerBank USA a balance transfer check.

Why choose enerbank USA for home improvement loans?

This opens in a new window. EnerBank USA is a specialized home improvement lender – that means we only provide loans for home improvement projects like yours. Since it’s our specialty, we’ve developed payment options that are perfectly tailored to home improvement needs.

What is FDIC FDIC insured enerbank?

FDIC insured EnerBank USA is a highly specialized, national consumer lender that helps strategic business partners and independent home improvement contractors increase sales. Strategic business partners include manufacturers, distributors, franchisors, member or trade associations, and major retai……

How do I get a $300 Amazon gift card from enerbank?

Refer a contractor to EnerBank's Express Loan Program and receive a $300 Gift Card! Why are we the most sought-after bank in the home improvement industry?

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