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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an embedded deductible in health insurance?

More in Health Insurance. An embedded deductible is a system that combines individual and family deductibles in a family health insurance policy. High-deductible health plans often use aggregate deductibles instead but embedded deductibles are common for all other plans when multiple family members are enrolled in a plan together.

What is individual embedded deductible?

An embedded deductible means the individual deductible is embedded in the family deductible. This gives you and your family the opportunity to have medical bills covered prior to the family deductible being met. For example, let’s assume you’re on a Silver plan with your husband and son.

How is an aggregate deductible from an embedded deductible?

Under the aggregate deductible option, the $5,000 family deductible must be met before expenses are paid by the insurance company for all family members, according to the plan's benefits. Under an embedded deductible plan, the individual deductible is $2,500 and expenses for the individual will be covered if their individual deductible is met.

Is a $0 deductible good?

Yes, a zero-deductible plan means that you do not have to meet a minimum balance before the health insurance company will contribute to your health care expenses. Zero-deductible plans typically come with higher premiums, whereas high-deductible plans come with lower monthly premiums. An insurance plan with no deductible may appeal to consumers who frequently visit doctors or take several medications.

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