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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Emily Hobbs in Elf?

Emily Hobbs is the pentagonist of '' Elf ''. She is Walter Hobbs's wife, Michael Hobbs's mom, Buddy's stepmother, Jovie ’s stepmother-in-law and Susie ’s paternal step grandmother. She was portrayed by Mary Steenburgen in Elf. She was voiced by Rachael MacFarlane in Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas .

How many Elves did Emily get back home?

With the help of four elves, Naida Riverheart, Azari Firedancer, Aira Windwhistler and Farran Leafshade, she got back home safely. She now often visits them in Elvendale. Emily is a happy, music-loving human girl with a passion for having fun, chilling, or just having an adventure.

Who is Emily Jones in the portal to Elvendale?

Emily Jones (also nicknamed Em) is a human who stumbled into Elvendale, the portal having appeared after the inheritance of her grandmother's amulet. She, along with Skyra, are the two guardians of the portal. Although a human, Emily possesses magic and is connected to the elements of light and love .

How are the five sisters related to Emily?

Emily loves her family nonetheless, through-and-through. Skyra, Quartzine, and the fire and water sister (the four remaining Five Sisters) are Emily's great aunts. They were Emily's grandmother's sisters. Emily and Cronan are also related (Cronan's mother and Emily's grandmother were sisters.)

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