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Frequently Asked Questions

What are elves?

Elves are one of the classical mythological creatures. One of the most peaceful creatures (Christmas Elves) and also nearly the most violent creatures (Dark Elves). Elves just like Dragons have different Races (Christmas, Wood, High, Dark and Half-Breeds).

What are dark elves like?

Dark elves are also known to be carnivorous and will eat basically anything put in front of them. Cerberus and Fenrir are their only Predators. Same as either Wood or High Elves, only they have purple, extremely pale or dark grey skin. They only have black hair and males aren't as androgynous, unlike the other elf races.

Where do elvens live?

Elves were usually found in small tribes throughout the forests of Toril, as well as on windswept plains and in mountain vales. The elves, as a whole, preferred these secluded places of nature to the cities and nations of the civilized world, living in harmony with their natural surroundings.

What is a star elf called?

Star elves. Also called mithral elves, they were an isolated subrace that lived on the demiplane of Sildeyuir. While not strictly a sub-race of elves, the result of a human and elven mating was a half-elf, whereas the offspring of an elf and a half-fiend was a fey'ri.

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