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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie elves?

VHS artwork. Elves is a 1989 American horror film directed by Jeffrey Mandel and starring Dan Haggerty, Deanna Lund, and Ken Carpenter. When teenager Kirsten (Julie Austin) accidentally cuts her hand during an "Anti-Christmas" pagan ritual with her friends Brooke and Amy in the woods, her spilled blood awakens an ancient demonic Christmas elf.

What do you think about elves'?

A festive pairing of fascism, demonism and commercialism, Elves' is a seasonal treat crammed with ridiculous dialogue, campy special effects and incompetent acting. Besides, if the Nazis were to combine elf and human blood together they would get Santa Claus.

What happens at the end of the elf in the woods?

Mike, Kirsten and her grandfather have a final climactic showdown with the Nazis and the elf in Kirsten's home, culminating in the woods where Kirsten destroys the elf by performing a ritual involving an "elfstone" from her grandfather's study.

Is the Elf a neo-Nazi?

The elf is the central figure in a modern-day Neo-Nazi plot to finally bring about the master race with which Hitler had always dreamed of conquering the world.

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