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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hydrofloss work better than Waterpik?

The HydroFloss® reduces Tartar and Bacterial Buildup 64% Better than the WaterPik®! The HydroFloss combines Magnetohydrodynamics with oral irrigation. By treating the water magnetically, this effects the ionization process.

Is a Waterpik better than flossing?

Yes, the ADA states that the Waterpik Water Flosser effectively removes plaque from teeth and along the gumline. However, the ADA doesn’t answer the question, “Is Waterpik better than flossing?” Therefore, you need to discuss the Waterpik as an alternative to flossing with your dentist.

Does Waterpik ultra water flosser really work?

The claim of the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is that it has been clinically proven to be far superior than conventional flossing. They also say that they can clean and massage your gums. This is an often overlooked aspect to proper dental care, and many people think just brushing your teeth is enough.

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