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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tower of return in Elden Ring?

Southwest of Weeping Peninsula, Limgrave, Tarnished can find a lone building called the Tower of Return. The building is surrounded by enemies, and it contains a trap that can teleport Elden Ring players to another late-game area, and they’re allowed to explore a limited section of it.

Where is the Tower of return?

The Tower of Return is found at the Weeping Peninsula, at the southern tip of the western landmass. This location is easily accessible on foot or horseback as it is out in the open field. This tower contains a Teleporter Chest that transports players to Leyndell, Royal Capital (or the endgame area) upon opening.

Where can I find teleporters and traps in the Elden Ring?

This Elden Ring guide features details on all the teleporters and teleporter traps you'll find scattered across the Lands Between. This page includes information on where to find each of these teleporters and traps, as well as where they'll take you. As you traverse the Lands Between, you'll encounter both teleporters and teleporter traps.

How do I open the isolated Divine Tower?

Nevertheless, once Tarnished gets to the Isolated Divine Tower, they might not understand how to open it or which Great Rune is used to unlock its doors. Accordingly, adventurers will need the Great Rune of Malenia, Blade of Miquella, to open the Isolated Divine Tower and activate the Rune's power.

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