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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock the converted fringe tower in Elden Ring?

Accessing the Converted Fringe Tower requires a specific gesture and helmet, so prepare to spend some time unlocking items. The Converted Fringe Tower in Elden Ring contains a hint that reads: May erudition light the way! To solve this puzzle and unlock the Converted Fringe Tower, you must have the Erudition gesture and a Glintstone Crown.

How do you bypass the seal in Elden Ring?

This transaction will result in players earning the Erudition gesture in Elden Ring, and they now have everything that they need to bypass the seal in the Converted Fringe Tower. After returning to the Converted Fringe Tower, players should equip the Glintstone Crown, stand in front of the seal, and perform the Erudition gesture.

What are the puzzles in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring contains so many puzzles and secrets that it’s nearly impossible to figure them all out on your first playthrough. Or even subsequent playthroughs for that matter. One of these puzzles centers around the Converted Fringe Tower, a location in Liurnia of the Lakes that contains a couple of powerful items.

Where is the fringe tower?

The Converted Fringe Tower is a location in Elden Ring that is situated just east of the Minor Erdtree in northeast Liurnia. Upon entering this structure, players will encounter a barrier that prevents them from the climbing the tower and claiming its rewards.

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