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Frequently Asked Questions

How are schools ranked in the state?

The ranking below is based on the percentage of schools within a town or city which have placed in the top 10% of all schools statewide. A school's overall rank is based on its combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking. Schools are ranked and compared within their own state only.

Which city has the best public schools in America 2021?

2021 Cities with the Best Public Schools in America. 1 Naperville. City in Illinois Rating 4.15 out of 5 643 reviews. 2 Ann Arbor. 3 Bellevue. 4 Carlsbad. 5 Irvine. More items

Which countries have the best education system?

United Kingdom 4. Australia 5. Brazil 6. Russia 7. Canada 8. Singapore 9. Belgium 10. Ireland 11. China 12. South Korea 13. Spain 14. Japan 15. Germany 16. Switzerland 17. Sweden 18. Finland 19. Denmark 20. New Zealand The 1st quarter rankings are a preview of the Nation’s Education Systems. Which include:

What is the world top 20 education poll?

What is the World Top 20 Education Poll? The World Top 20 Education Poll provides annual international rankings of the top 20 education systems out of 209 nations.

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