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Frequently Asked Questions

Which state has the best education system in the US?

RANKED: The strength of the public education system in every US state, from worst to best 1 Massachusetts. 2 New Jersey. 3 Florida. 4 Washington. 5 New Hampshire. 6 Nebraska. 7 Virginia. 8 Vermont. 9 Iowa. 10 Utah. More items...

How do Alabama's Public education systems rank in 2019?

The rankings come as part of US News and World Report's "Best States" ranking for 2019, which looks at the quality of health care, education, and infrastructure in every state, as well as their economies and quality of life. Here are the states ranked in order of the quality of their public education systems: 50. Alabama

Which US state has the highest educational attainment?

New York The District of Columbia has the highest educational attainment in the United States. 90.30% of the population has a high school diploma or higher and 56.60% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. West Virginia has the lowest percentage of educational attainment of a Bachelor’s degree or higher of 19.90%.

What does the Higher Education ranking measure?

The higher education ranking tracks educational attainment, graduation rates, college debt and tuition costs. This ranking measures enrollment in pre-K, standardized test scores and the public high school graduation rate.

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