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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I “learn” the escort passport MAX2?

In order to “learn" the Escort Passport Max2 will need to encounter the false alert approximately three times. The Escort Passport Max2 comes with various radar sensitivity which include: Highway, Auto and AutoX. The Highway radar sensitivity setting will pick up all radar signals.

What makes the passport Max so special?

With HD Radar Performance, the Passport Max is able to separate real radar and laser signal threats from all the other “noise” in the world, minimizing false alerts and identifying real threats with greater accuracy. The most impressive feature of the Passport Max is its OLED display.

What is autoautolearn Technology in passport Max?

AutoLearn technology in the Passport Max uses GPS connectivity and the exact frequency of a radar or laser signal to remember and reject fixed-position signals, such as garage door openers. The result is a more accurate radar detector that doesn’t bombard you with false signals on your daily commute.

What is the passport Max radar detector?

The Passport Max is one of the most advanced radar detectors available on the market today. It comes with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, a multi-color OLED display, AutoLearn, the Defender Database, access to Escort Live, and the industry’s first High Definition (HD) Radar Performance system.

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