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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn CE for AAPD's CE courses?

Earn CE for Annual Session courses that you missed, or purchase the entire Annual Session package! Earn CE for AAPD's CE Courses online including Comprehensive Review, Sedation, Assistant's Sedation, and Symposiums! Explore the live CE Courses that AAPD has to offer.

What is the AAPD Foundation?

AAPD Foundation supports community-based initiatives that provide access to care for all children. Established in 1987, AAPD Foundation is the charitable arm of the AAPD dedicated to providing dental homes for children nationwide. It's finally here! Check out the NEW!

What is the AAPD Safety Committee’s new guide for re-entry into practice?

The AAPD Safety Committee is proud to offer its new guide for re-entry into practice uniquely designed for pediatric dentists. This member-only comprehensive online publication will answer many of your most pressing questions to protect patients, families and staff from COVID-19 – including recommendations about personal protective equipment (PPE).

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