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Frequently Asked Questions

How many film editors are there in the US?

There are over 6,000 active and non-active film editors in the U.S.-based Motion Picture Editors Guild who work on film (these include sound editors and story editors as well).

What does an editeditor do?

Editors evaluate and select content for publication in print media and online. They also assign topics to writers or work for publishers to improve written materials before publication. Create original works such as prose, poetry, song lyrics, or plays. Research your subject matter. Revise, rewrite, or edit articles or scripts.

What is the job description of an editor?

An editor's job can include: reviewing, rewriting, and editing the work of writers. planning the content of books, journals, and magazines. deciding what material will appeal to readers. reviewing and correcting drafts of books and articles. offering comments to improve the work.

What makes a good editor?

While proofreading is a part of being an editor, good editors also must: Managing editors or editors-in-chief are responsible for running entire newsrooms or magazines. 2 They must be able to write and edit, as well as understand design decisions and manage a team.

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