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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix eclipse error editor does not contain a main type?

Make sure your Launch Configuration is pointed to ServerMain, and if it isn't, make sure you do Run As > Java Application. Also some more questions that deals with this that could be helpful, Eclipse error: "Editor does not contain a main type" Editor does not contain a main type.

What does it mean when editor says main method is not found?

Basically, this type of Error means your Editor is not able to find the “main” method in any of your current program classes. The editor shows this error because when you want to run the project, at that time, the interpreter couldn’t find the main function to start the execution of the program.

Why can't I run a main type in a subdirectory?

One more thing to check: make sure that your source file contains the correct package declaration corresponding to the subdirectory it's in. The error mentioned by the OP can be seen when trying to run a "main type" declared in a file in a subdirectory but missing the package statement.

Why is my main method not working in Eclipse?

If .class file or project file is not present in your workspace at that time it will occur. If you are using Eclipse for java Programming and you have not declared the main method as public.

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