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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Edisto Beach dog friendly?

Dog-Friendly Edisto Beach. This time of year is beautiful on Edisto Beach and nobody enjoys it more than the dogs. After October 31st, dogs are allowed to be back on the beach without a leash.

What to do in Edisto Beach?

Pack your sunscreen and spend a day on the beach at Edisto Beach State Park. Splash in the surf, fly a kite, try your hand at boogie boarding, and try your hand at building a sandcastle with your kids. Walk down to the rock jetty, and move out on the rocks for a better look at the boats sailing by the beach.

What to do in Edisto Beach SC?

Things To Do In Edisto Beach, SC Edisto Beach State Park in Edisto Beach, SC Camping on Edisto is a great experience, with water and electrical hookups available ocean-side or near the salt marsh.

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