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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Eddi work with voiceattack?

EDDI uses the journal log and the Frontier companion API to obtain information and track your actions. When used as a VoiceAttack plug-in, the events that EDDI recognizes can be used to generate VA commands.

What does Eddi actually do?

Basically EDDI started out life as a plugin for voice attack but now can run standalone. Combined with voice attack it can do some fancy stuff, but can also do some fancy stuff by itself. Voice Attack has a vareity of voices for it (that you buy) with prerecorded words, phrases, and sentences, some recorded by very famous sci-fi people.

Where do I install Eddi?

By default it will install in C:\Program Files (x86)\VoiceAttack\Apps\EDDI, which is fine regardless of if you have VoiceAttack or not, but of course you can change it if you wish (although note that if the installation is not in a subdirectory of your VoiceAttack's Apps directory then it will not be able to be used as a VoiceAttack plugin).

What is ededdi and how does it work?

EDDI is a Windows desktop program that can run either standalone or as a VoiceAttack plug-in. Actions like jumping to a new system, buying and selling commodities, entering a signal source, scanning a celestial object, and many more will trigger voice responses.

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