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Frequently Asked Questions

Do household products require MSDS?

Household products are not required to have MSDS, so it may be difficult to find them - it is always better to use professional grade products. There are 2 options for having them on premise. They can be centrally located in a binder labeled as the MSDS binder, and only have that information in the binder.

Do you need and MSDS for household products?

OSHA does not require that MSDSs be provided to purchasers of household consumer products when the products are used in the workplace in the same manner that a consumer would use them, i.e.; where the duration and frequency of use (and therefore exposure) is not greater than what the typical consumer would experience.

Who has access to MSDs?

OSHA directs this to be acccomplished by the document known as a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS. All employees, according to OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, who might handle, work with or be exposed to hazardous materials, as defined by OSHA, must have access to the MSDSs for all the hazardous materials for that site.

Do Pharmaceuticals require MSDS?

MSDSs are required to be prepared and transmitted with the initial shipment of all hazardous chemicals including drugs and pharmaceutical products, except for drugs as defined by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act which are in solid, final form for direct administration to the patient (i.e., tablets, pills, or capsules) or which are packaged for sale to consumers in a retail establishment.

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