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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up EBS in SAP?

Following are the basic requirements for setting up EBS in SAP: Financial Accounting –> Bank Accounting –> Business Transaction –> Payment Transactions –> Electronic bank statement 1. Account symbol creation – Account symbols are specifications for general ledger accounts. These are posted with each possible transaction contained in bank statement.

How to create electronic bank statement in SAP?

Sap Menu Path :– SPRO –> IMG –> Financial Accounting –> Bank Accounting –> Business Transactions –> Payment Transactions –> Electronic Bank Statement –> Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement > Enter the Account and name of the account. Click on the save icon to save the entries. Step 2:- Assign Accounts to Accounts symbols.

What is an EBS message?

EBS stands for Electronic Bank Statement. EBS contains bank transactions in an electronic format. EBS messages transmit bank transactional data between banks and companies fast, reliably, and accurately. This allows banks and companies to automate bank transaction processing and minimize manual interactions.

How to create EBS file for external transaction codes?

GL Account –> Account Symbol –> Posting Rule –> Transaction Type (linked with bank account number and algorithm) –> External Transaction Codes There are many EBS file format currently being used. Most commonly used are BAI, MT940 and Multi Cash formats.

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