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Frequently Asked Questions

What is skyblock Dungeons guide?

GitHub - Dungeons-Guide/Skyblock-Dungeons-Guide: A mod designed to help hypixel skyblock dungeons players find secrets and solve puzzles. Also comes with lots of QOL Features - Use essential-loom (fork of architectury-loom) instead of unmaintai… - Use essential-loom (fork of architectury-loom) instead of unmaintai…

How do I get Hypixel skyblock mods?

It's advised to download mods from the official discords or websites of mod developers. Links from other sources might be a token logger, otherwise known as a rat. These mods can steal not only your Hypixel SkyBlock items, but your Minecraft account in general.

What is dungeon rooms mod?

Dungeon Rooms Mod is a FREE mod that shows you Secret Waypoints in Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons! ...more Get 1 week of 100+ live channels on us. No annual contracts needed.

Is dungeon guide allowed on Hypixel?

This is similar to fairy soul waypoints (which Simon has confirmed are allowed) since it is not scanning for the secrets but rather displaying a waypoint over a set coordinate. Dungeon Guide itself has been confirmed allowed on hypixel by an admin

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