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Frequently Asked Questions

How early should you arrive at Dublin Airport?

The queues have calmed down at Dublin Airport in recent weeks. Following huge queues and missed flights, the DAA was recommending people arrive 2.5 hours early for a short haul flight, and 3.5 hours early for a long haul flight.

How early should I be at the airport?

For instance, American Airlines advises passengers to be at the airport three hours before flight time for international departures and two hours for domestic flights. There's an exception for flights to certain overseas destinations, which require that you check in earlier.

How long does it take to check in from Dublin Airport?

But most times check in can take 30-45 minutes and I've had to queue to drop off my VAT. So, err on the side of caution when flying out of Dublin airport and allow yourself 3.5 hours, at the least, for flight check in, security, VAT return, and any tax free shopping when returning to the US or Canada.

How long does it take to get from Dublin Airport to US?

And that was using expedited check-in and security screenings (received via business class upgrade) and Global Entry. Those in the main lines easily added 40-60 minutes of wait time. Please allow yourself a minimum of 3 hours to depart Ireland from Dublin Airport to the US when traveling from May thru October.

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